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What if you choose to leave off pertinent information about your past or current health?

The biggest problem with the Life insurance industry is the following: Why doesn’t the Life insurer request the doctor or specialist personal clinical notes at underwriting stage and why do they suddenly ask the doctor or specialist to supply his or her personal clinical notes at claim stage?

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Could the medical decisions you make in the future inadvertently void the life insurance policy you purchase today?

All brokers and agents must insist that their clients obtain their doctors or specialist personal clinical notes via a PMA at underwriting stage. This is the first thing the Life insurer will request at claim stage, even if you were heavily underwritten at underwriting stage. In 90% of the cases you would have missed something and your policy will be voided or your claim repudiated.

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Give your dependents a change at financial freedom.

Do you want to leave your family with a financial legacy that makes them independent or financially sound?

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Medical aid claims history vs life insurance

The law protects the insurer and there is no obligation on the insurer to properly investigate the client’s medical history at underwriting stage. The insurer creates the impression that he is going to investigate your medical history, however this doesn’t happen in practice.

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Disclose all while you can to protect your family’s future

All risk cases must be fully underwritten at underwriting stage. If the client has done a CMR + PMA and supplied his medical history to the Life insurer, the insurer should not be able to claim any non-disclosure or misrepresentation. Your medical history will reflect all consultations with any doctor or specialist.

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