Immigration: SA to Canada

Immigrating: SA to Canada

You are here because you want the best possible solution to immigrate to Canada. I am an insurance broker by profession and understand what immigration could mean to an individual. With my own personal immigration story, I am aware of all the struggles and sacrifices it takes to make the decision of immigrating.

I am not offering you immigration advice, just listening and answering your questions and teaming you up with the correct immigration professional. I am affiliated with a number of immigration specialists, each one having various roles and expertise, each specializing in their own field. Immigration also has many pathways which you can follow to achieve your end result. (E.G. Express Entry, Professional & Skilled Workers, Provincial Nomination Program, Canadian Experience Class, Student Visa, ETC.) I am the person that fills the gap between the client and the immigration consultant. Speaking to someone that has knowledge about immigration and happens to be a fellow South African, will save you time and money.

My responsibility is to identify the best possible immigration specialist to work with you. I will go through a series of questions that will help me understand your current scenario. You will complete a questionnaire which will be emailed through to the immigration specialist identified. This process helps you as the client reach the correct professional suited for your unique scenario.

Through the time that I have spent in Canada, I have built up a social network of professionals, business colleagues and friends. This network helps you meet new people and broadens your horizons for prospecting.

A 60min consultation with me will cost you CAD 200, of which a portion of this fee will be taken off your application if you choose to work with the recommended specialist. The fee is charged to ensure that you are serious and committed about about immigrating to Canada.

If you would like to ask me a question, just send me a message, or join my social media groups with icons provided. We regularly post about life experiences here in Canada, we keep posts fun and informative. Scroll all the way down when looking at this page on a cellphone to join the groups.

Book a time with me by selecting consultation, if you are serious about immigrating.

Let us guide you to create a solid foundation for your future